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✌ Lysergi[o]c Acid Diethylamide ✌: Why are we always thinking about the future? As a concept, the future...


Why are we always thinking about the future? As a concept, the future is always going to be the future, hence why we never “get there”. What about right now? It’s always now. The future is now (contradicting, I know). What more do we need? We have our friends and our family, perhaps big or small,…

Posted: Tue May 1st, 2012 at 8:34pm
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  7. profoundtruths said: There are some cultures with no concept of “I”- just “we”, where doing something for the greater good is the norm, rather than a deviation from the usual selfishness.
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  11. immervision said: the future is a mental projection. it doesn’t actually exist. to live in the future is to live in the mind. ego is a clump of thoughts, experiences, mind patterns. it has no reality, no ground. leaving us to feel as if we are lacking
  12. lefrog said: selfishness … greed .. we could do without .. i like that concept the future is now.. i believe it too
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