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And here’s the gif that sums up my whole existence.

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Fuckin with it

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100+ white lightning e pills

Lol my friend might have gotten some real euros.

Either whoever posted this lives in Richmond or these white lightnings are made by an absolutely massive presser with a huge territory.

I live near Detroit, so most likely the second. I’ll post a more close up picture in a minute, check it out.

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Let’s hope this works.

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Hopefully this will make me feel better.

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psychonauticalove Asked: Favorite drug? Least favorite drug?


Favorite: Other than pot since its the one thing I could do constantly forever with an infinite amount and its basically perfect in my opinion, gonna have to give that one to special k, but really it’s anything with dissociative qualities to it, I love mxe as well, acid was my favorite for a long time when I was younger but nowadays with all of the 25s around you never know if it’s real until you put it on your tongue, and once I’ve done that it’ll fester and make me nervous, since I usually don’t want to take those because after a while of liking them they started effecting me in weird ways physically, making me sick for days after and stuff, thus ruining the experience.

Short Answer : Ketamina boi.

Least favorite: I honestly love most of em like children lol, both their good and bad qualities, but if I had to choose I’d say adderall. Never made me feel good, never made me focus, always felt jittery and the want to do something but no motivation to do anything. Fucking sucks, cause I have no damn motivation hah.

Short Answer: Adderall for reasons.

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Unknown rcs my friends just split, lol. Probably some 25 or a mix of two or maybe even three, we’ll see.

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My friend’s White Widdow in flowering under UFO, not sure how many weeks.

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