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Astral Projection

Acrylic. 2014

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"The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths."

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all I know is yayo

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"“I said to the sun, “Tell me about the big bang.” The sun said, “It hurts to become.”"

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damn I fuckin love this picture

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Forest lying beneath the waters of Lake Traful, ArgentinaThese trees used to stand on the hillside of Bayo Hill, or Alto Mahuida, when in the 1960’s a landslide ripped them from their location with rocks and all and they landed on the bottom of the lake. 

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I hate when I misplace my glasses because then I’m forced to walk around looking like I’m suspicious of everything in the room

whattabout you, cabinet? huh, you sketchy piece of shit? did you take ‘em?

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